How to build a micro niche siteFor many people, the thought of making money online is something they’d love to do since it would bring in some extra income for them and that’s why its crucial to know how to build a micro niche site. We won’t discuss what a Micro Niche Site (MNS) is on this page, but we’ll cover it on a separate page since many people will already know what this is. Here, we’re going to be discussing how to build a micro niche site on your own. This is a great way to start making money, giving you all the tips you need to make as much money as possible.


How to build a micro niche site the proper way

If you know about websites you might be wondering why you need a guide on how to build a micro niche site. Before you even think about buying a domain or planning out how many pages your website is going to have, you’re going to need to do some keyword research.  This is a crucial step when building a micro niche site. Personally we recommend that you use the Google Adwords Keyword planner. This tool is free to use and it gives you two key bits of vital information. First, it tells you how many monthly searches your chosen keyword gets, as well as how competitive it is. If this if your first foray into  building a micro niche site you’ll really be wanting to choose a keyword that gets around 1,000 global searches per month that falls into the low/medium competition.

Secondly, Google Adwords will also tell you a rough CPC (cost per click) for this keyword. At this point, you may see that there’s around 1,000 searches per month, but the CPC is low in the region of less than $1. Depending on how much money you’ve got to burn, you’ll need to decide at this point if it’s worth investing your money into the initial setup of the MNS, along with the SEO work you’ll need to carry out on it. Although, if you’re sure you can rank on page 1 of Google for this keyword and you know you’ll get a large number of visitors each month then it may be worth giving it a shot.

For the sake of an illustration, let’s say that you get 1,000 unique visitors per month and you have Adsense adverts running on it. Ideally you’ll want a click through rate (CTR) of around 4-5% so let’s assume your CTR is 4%, for these 1,000 visitors and the average CPC is $0.75. Based on this you could expect to make roughly $30 per month. This may not seem like a lot but it could be a good starting wage for the site, although as we shall discuss later on, Adsense isn’t the only revenue stream you should implement on your MNS. See, you’re already seeing the benefits of reading up on how to build a micro niche site.


How to build a micro niche site- Picking a hosting company, platform and also domain.

Right so you’ve chosen what your main keyword is going to be and you’re now ready to make the website. The next step is choosing which web hosting you’re going to go for. Personally I’d recommend BlueHost; I’ve built a lot of websites with their hosting plans and they’ve always had excellent support. You can get an account for BlueHost here. When purchasing from them you get unlimited hosting, along with the use of unlimited websites on your account. The thing I liked about them is that your first domain that you buy with them is free, which is great for those wanting to save a bit of money. When I was first wondering how to build a micro niche site, it was Bluehost that I used to get me there.

Further to my recommendation of Bluehost is that they offer a one click install of a website platform for your domain. Now, for the sake of a MNS I would recommend WordPress since it’s the easiest and most powerful option to use. It’ll allow you to put together a great site, along with a blog to accompany it. Of course, you’re free to use your own platform of choice, just make sure you do enough research on it first!

With regards to picking a domain name you’re going to want to select an EMD (exact match domain). This in effect is making the domain name  the same as your main keyword. An example of this would be this very site in that the main keyword is also its web address i.e. it is how to build a micro niche site.

The benefit of using an EMD is that it is generally more easy to rank a site this way since the URL matches up with your main search term. As a recommendation it’s best to always take a .com domain, however if that’s already taken then it would be fine to take a .net or .org domain instead. At this stage you may notice that you can’t get an exact match on your keyword. If so then you’ll need to tinker around with it a bit to get the best result. Even if you need to hyphenate it, it’ll still get you great results. For this site based on the keyword of how to build a micro niche site, could still rank pretty well.


How to build a micro niche site- Writing your content.

At this stage you’ll want to carefully write your own content for the website and have at least two articles ready for it. We recommend that your first article relates directly to your keyword of choice and then the second article realtes to a spin on the first keyword that is part way related but can also get you a decent amount of hits each month as well. For every article that you employ, we recommended using long tail keywords since these have a greater bearing in the search results and to evaluate them you can of course use Google Adwords again.

One pitfall to avoid though is to talk about a completely different topic on the website. For instance, say your website is about sewing machines. It would be silly to then start talking about bread makers, although we’ve actually seen cases like this. Suffice to say that these sites don’t rank well at all.

Further, during your journey of how to build a micro niche site you should have at least one photo per page, as well as unique content. If you use spun content it will sooner or later cause the site to be de-indexed and thus you can’t be found on Google. The end result is that you’re then left with a redundant website that no one will be able to see and therefore you won’t be making any money off of it. With regards to the photos that you use, please only use photo’s that you legally own, or use royalty free images. By not doing so it is partaking in copyright infringement which could cost you a lot in the long term. If you see other sites that discuss how to build a micro niche site and they insist on using spun content; they don’t know what they’re talking about.

After you’ve written your content it’s as simple as publishing the work on the platform that you’re using. Regardless of the different type, you’ll usually find a big ‘Publish’ button on the editing page. All that’s left now is to monetize the site as well as performing Search Engine Optimization on it to rank it. These themselves are in depth categories and will be discussed on their own individual pages. We hope that you now know how to build a micro niche site that will earn you a lot of money.