If you’re here, it’s because you’re wanting to build your own website and start to make an income online. For a first time user it’s pretty daunting to think about how you’ll build your website based on the hosting options available, since there’s in effect hundreds of companies online.

In the end, I stumped up the cash and went for BlueHost. For one, it’s based in the USA, but they deal with customers worldwide in a timely and positive manner. What I like about them is that the longer the duration of your contract, the bigger a saving you’ll receive.


As the banner above shows (clicking it will take you right to their homepage), you’re getting a vast amount of bang for your buck when you sign up with them. However, they’re currently running a promotion whereby if you sign up just now then you’ll get your hosting for just $4.95 per month. For some people, they pay that daily for a cup of coffee! When you factor in the bonus that you’re getting a free domain name when you sign up then it’s a complete no brainer. The biggest draw for me however was the unlimited hosting option.

In effect this means you can have an unlimited number of websites on your hosting plan. When it comes to making a new website, you will need to pay for these additional domain names, but when you factor in that you’re not getting charged for hosting each additional website then you really are saving in the long run.

My problems were quickly solved When I first took out the hosting option, in my excitement I accidentally ordered more add on products than I actually needed at the time. Now, since it’s all done electronically the money was debited right away from my credit card. However, on the their site they have a live chat option, so I thought I would give them a quick message to see if they could help.

Within the space of 5 minutes the customer representative on the live chat with me had amened my package details and processed the refunded to my bank account right away. They had even sent an entire transcript of the chat over to my email address, as well as a receipt for the add on product refund which contained a transaction ID should there be any problems. Thankfully there wasn’t any and the money was returned to me. However, it was at that point that it was made clear that Bluehost are a highly professional and also fast working company.

What I also liked about them is that whilst you will pay up your entire sum of money in one go (every hosting company does this and then it’s diveded by 12 to give you what it costs you per month), if you decide that having a website isn’t really your thing any more then you can cancel the deal with them at any time and you’ll get a refund on whatever time is left on your plan, no questions asked. This is a great value service which, at the time of writing this, no other hosting company provides. With some other hosts, you pay up all the money and if you don’t like the service then it’s tough; you won’t get your money back.

Further, when it came to my first website I didn’t have a clue on how to install WordPress onto the server. Thankfully on the dashboard to your Bluehost account, there’s a special button that allows you to install your domain name right onto WordPress. All in it took me 48 seconds (yes, I timed it) from clicking the ‘Easy Install’ button to having my website live on the internet with the familiar ‘Hello World’ WordPress placeholder. This in itself is a great reason to go with them as a hosting company. They’ve literally made it as easy as installing an app on your smartphone when it comes to setting up your websites.


Speed of the sitesI now have several sites on the same hosting account and I can safely say that I have never experienced a crash on any of my websites, nor have I noticed that any pages have been slowing down with regards to loading, or timing out completely. In my research for a webhost, I had noticed that there were a lot of negative comments towards other webhosts with regards to these issues whilst at the same time they were charging double figures per month, and they didn’t even give you a free domain name in the process of signing up!

One of my sites in particular is extremely graphics heavy and a similar site of an associate with a different host takes on average 40 seconds to load up, whereas mine takes 7. This alone should be enough of an incentive for you to choose Bluehost as your hosting company!

Your privacy is an important matter!One of the options that Bluehost does give you (and one which I would highly recommend) is the option to have your name removed from the WHOIS listings. For each domain, it will cost you an additional $2 for your website to remain anonymous on domain listings. Personally, I feel that depending on the content of your site, it may cause some people to become disgruntled, and with the amount of crazy things that start from online, it can cause you a lot of trouble if someone finds out your address. For the sake of something that’s cheaper than a Big Mac, it’s well worth the investment!


If I was going to give them a score out of ten, it would need to be ten. The cost effectiveness of their service is second to none and the fact that they’re incredibly cheap is also a huge bonus! I highly recommend them to anyone that’s wanting to set up their own site.