You may have heard for a while now about the fact that 301 URL shorteners are a great way to boost the rankings of your site. They work by passing link juice from their domains onto your website (or buffer site) in order to increase the ranking of it. For this reason, many people use the 301 URL shorteners for promoting their parasites since they are a great way to increase the ranking of them in a short time frame.

One thing to note however is that you usually need to send a GSA blast to these links in order to get a real benefit from them. However they are a lot cheaper than PBNs. Another reason why people don’t build them is the vast number required. It is normally recommended that when you are using these URL shorteners that you take your link, and convert it into between 5-10 301 URLs. After this, it is recommended that you create at least 10 shortened URLs for each previously made 301 URL that you have. I.E: 10 301s>1 301>Money site. When using this method alone on easy to rank parasites, it is more than possible to get it high up (top 3) on page 1. However your mileage will vary depending on how difficult your keyword of choice is to rank.

The problem with this is that it can be time consuming coming up with up to 300 301 URLS, not to mention the fact that you would need proxies for them as well. This could take several hours and when you can’t always be guaranteed about the rankings, it’s not a time invest you really want to make. Having said that, we have worked on various private projects over the last two years with a 301 provider who did this process for us manually. He has just recently created a service on Fiverr for this task and is giving 450 of these 301 URL shorteners for one of your links.

We can vouch for him that his work is always top quality and if you mention that you reached Fiverr gig by reading about it here, then he’ll more than likely give you a small bonus in the 301 URLs that he sends you. This really does take the time, and hassle out of making them yourself. This is especially true when you factor in the cost implication of buying private proxies to carry out this task. It is much easier to outsource this, especially when it is at such a low price.