What is Parasite SEO?

For those not in the know, Parasite SEO involves piggybacking off of the domain of another website. This is different from normal SEO whereby you’re building up the backlink profile of your own site. Instead, you take a platform such as WordPress.com and start creating posts on it. Right away, there is a domain authority of 97 for WordPress, which will give you a great boost in the rankings (over time). However, the issue here is that the Page Authority will be 1. This is to be expected since there aren’t any links generated for your site yet. However, with some work, you can raise this PA and in turn increase the ranking of the parasite. It should be noted that this does take time however to rank. What you should really be doing is creating quality content, and then include a link in the page. This could be for a Clickbank product, Amazon product or anything else that can earn you a commission.  Another great parasite is Hubpages. The reason for using Hubpages is that they have a built in Amazon Associates program. Just be sure to write high quality content so it is indexed in Google.

As mentioned, by using an established platform, it gives you a boost already in the rankings when compared to using a fresh domain with a DA of 0. Using an established platform also allows you to PUMMEL the site with a barrage of spam. This is basically what Parasite SEO is, hitting an established domain with a high DA so that you can rank it above competitors.

Cheap Parasite SEO

Previously, people involved in Parasite SEO would spend a large sum of money on ranking a site. To me this doesn’t seem right. Bearing in mind that Parasite SEO is a form of churn and burn, it would often be the case that whilst a lot of money was made, the actual profit was pretty low. This was mainly due to the use of SAPE links which do work well, but they’re extremely expensive. The power of SAPE has drifted off over the years and now there are cheaper options to rank your Parasite page.

When ranking a Parasite page, one crucial aspect is using GSA SER blasts. This creates thousands of backlinks to the site in a rapid amount of time. These links are spam, but that’s exactly what you’re wanting.

One crucial element that you should use though when making any Parasite page is to use 301s. These are URL shorteners which when you click on them, re-direct you to another site. These are used for a variety of reasons (not just spam) such as tracking how many people click on a link. The most common 301 URL shorteners are Goo.gl, bit.ly etc.

The key reason for using them in your parasite ranking strategy is that these 301s also carry a good DA. Google also loves them since they are seen as high quality re-directs which can boost your rankings. They also have an added benefit; they can make your parasite last for longer. The way that these 301s work is that they act as a safety net for your GSA SER blasts to your Parasite. You should build ten of these to your Parasite URL, and then for each 301 that is made, make an additional 40 URLs to each of them. For example: 40 URLs>Goo.gl>Parasite URL. I have also summarised this below:

parasite seo strategy




















By making 40 for each shortened URL, it will greatly limit the chance of the original 301s being deleted, as well as any penalties passing through to the Parasite. At the same time though, it will also pass a huge amount of link juice, making it the ideal solution for those that are wanting to get a real boost for your parasites page.

There’s no need to use expensive PBN links to rank the site (there are actually really excellent PBN providers that charge a small sum online).


You can buy the tools needed to do these tasks yourself. However, the issue with this is that you’ll also need to invest in proxies which can be extremely expensive over time. Instead, a better option would be to outsource the work instead. After you’ve made your content on a site (such as WordPress.com), you could always buy these services from Fiverr instead. You can get a 400 high quality 301 URLs from this seller, and 60,000 GSA SER backlinks from this seller. By using the two of them in conjunction, it’s a great way to rank a Parasite page for SEO purposes!


By using these techniques, there’s no reason why you can’t rank Parasites for low to medium competition keywords to rank and bank in 2017.