getting a cost effective seo audit

For anyone that has a website, it’s crucial that before they even think about undertaking any outside SEO work on to help their rankings that they first of all perform an audit on their site. Sadly though, the majority of people don’t actually carry out this task and it’s not until the fact that they see that they’re not ranking for the keywords of their choice that they the decided to have an SEO Audit performed on their site. A massive problem with this though is that many companies that offer such services are doing so at a massively inflated price when you can get the same service for so much cheaper.


Having an SEO Audit carried out on your site before you spend more money on SEO is a guaranteed way to save money. The reason for this is that you’ll know exactly where your site is failing and with this in mind, you’re able to go to an SEO expert with a list of things you want fixed on your site. SEO is still murky territory and there are still people out there that try and use it as a get rich quick scheme in that they charge people a large sum of money without actually doing anything to the site that will physically help the site perform better in the future.

The perfect, cost effective SEO Audit at a great low price

One of the things that I actually specialise in is making tweaks to sites that can help rank them better without even having to undertake SEO on them! I’ve done this for several years with various sites that I own, some of which are intentionally under optimised for testing purposes. Due to this, I know some of the biggest areas that you need to address when you want to increase your rankings. I am now offering this service as a product on PeoplePerHour. I chose this option since the price on Fiverr would mean that I would be working for effectively nothing in terms of the amount of hours spent on gathering the information.

Whilst you could carry out this SEO Audit yourself, it takes a rather long time to do this. You’ll also need expensive software to carry out all the tasks that my SEO Audit covers so before you even start, you’ll need to outlay a huge sum of money! If you go to someone that is selling SEO services, they may offer to do an SEO Audit for you, however this will normally be at an overinflated price. The cost for me doing this is £20 to generate the report and all the information you need to help your site will be included in it. For a full run down of what’s included in the SEO Audit Report, please visit the Hourlie at this link which will also allow you to purchase it.