One of the biggest questions floating around the internet with regards to money making websites is is micro niche sites actually work. A lot of people have written of MNS’s due to a lot of people spamming them with spam links that quickly blast their site up to the top of Google in a few days.

Due to this they’ve received a lot of bad press after being hit by various Google updates. Despite this, these sites do still work and are making a lot of money for a lot of people. Some of our clients that we have helped to promote have managed to get a lot of money through Adsense alone, and that’s before they use other monetization methods on their website. One thing to remember with a MNS is that you’ll only get out of it what you put in. If your site is full of nonsensical rubbish of little to no value then it’s going to drop out of the rankings on Google and thus you’ll not be earning any money.

Likewise, since your site will be based around a tight niche, you’ll want to make sure you stay within the confines of this. If your site is about the best running shoes, it would be ludicrous to start talking about the different kinds of power supplies you can buy for a computer. This has no relevance at all to your site which will in turn be picked up by Google and in turn will start to de-index your site. Again, you’ll not be making any money from it after this.


However, as with any other website, your MNS must have more than 2 pages on it is you’re wanting to give it at least a chance in working and in turn making you money. The reason behind this is that by having multiple pages it allows you to make variations on your original keyword and spin these out into unique articles. This in itself has merits since you’re secondary keyword may rank higher than the keyword you initially set out to target. Presuming that you have quality content on your site, many readers will visit your other pages. The net result of this is that it’s lowering the bounce rate of your website which initially makes your website more popular in the eyes of Google. Also, because your other pages are also being read then it should in theory raise the ranking of these pages in Google as well. Let’s be honest here, a page with 0 views will never (legitimately) outrank a webpage that has 10,000 views.


So the biggest question you need to ask yourself when building a micro niche site is if you can make it work, not do micro niche sites work. Anyone can get some hosting, throw together a two page website and then hope for the best that they’ll make thousands of dollars per year from their site. However, the real money makers are those that are continuously planning out their site, making amendments to their previous articles as well as coming up with fresh content. Over time, these sites will end up evolving from a micro niche site into an authority site.