ranking a micro niche website

So, you’ve built your Micro Niche Site and you’ve also added the monetization options onto it. Now it’s time to undertake SEO (search engine optimization) on the website so that it’ll rank on Google for your chosen keywords and thus people will find the MNS when they’re doing a related search. Now, there’s two schools of thought on this in that you can go down the whitehat SEO route, or the Blackhat SEO route.


Whitehat SEO This form of SEO is a way that is seen as ethical by Google in that you’re naturally building links to your website. Once such way of doing so is by sharing your website across various social networks. The basis behind this is that the big 3 (Facebook, Twitter and Google) have a high Page Rank as well as having well in excess of 1 million users. Due to their very nature, when you share an item on one of them then there’s a good chance that it’ll be shared by others as well. The end result of this is that you’ll end up getting social signals to your site which Google LOVES since it detects that your site is extremely popular, which in turn will help to raise your ranking.

One thing when it comes to SEO that many people forget is to use their content to their advantage. There’s an old saying that content is king, and that’s exactly correct when it comes to any site. By having a well laid out article on each page then it’s going to increase your readership initially since they’ll view the article to completion. The thing with this is that generally you’re wanting at least 1,000 words per page and it’ll take people a while to read this. Therefore, they’re spending longer on your site which Google takes as an indication that your site is a great read which again will push your site up in the rankings.

However, one of the biggest factors in Whitehat SEO is keyword density. The general rule is that you should have a keyword density of around 2%, i.e. for the entire article your keyword should consist of 2% of the words. It’s been seen in numerous cases that website creators will undertake keyword stuffing which in the short term will boost their rankings. However, over time the site will gradually drop it’s ranking before dropping out of the search engine results completely.

An area that many people overlook is actually using their website platform (be it WordPress, Weebly, etc) to optimize their site. In the case of WordPress there are numerous plugins that you can use to help your ranking along the way and help it rise in the SERPS. As an experiment of this we thought we’d use the page based on MNS monetization and optimize it the keywords etc so that it would quickly rise in Google. As a control, we didn’t do this kind of work on our tutorial on how to build a MNS. If you do a search on Google for ‘how to monetize a Micro Niche Site’, you’ll find our article is on page 1, position 1 whereas ‘how to build a micro niche site’ is currently sitting on page 5. Although that’s still pretty respectable for a page that’s been put up and not had any work done to it.

It’s really important that you diversy your keywords and use compelling and search term realted titles in any page that you publish on your MNS. By doing so, you’re helping to increase the integrity of the page, but also increasing the chance of someone visiting it. Further, you should be using long tail keywords where possible. In the example above, the simple addition of ‘how to’ will make your page stand out in cases where this search term is present and also omitted, rather than just selecting a  small tail keyword. I.e., ‘how to grow green tomatoes in the summer’ is a lot better than ‘grow green tomatoes’ since it is more diverse. It will also make your site appear in both instances when either is typed into Google. Please note that this can’t be done with every page, so you’ll need to play around with this to get the correct balance.


Blackhat SEO You’ve probably heard about Blackhat SEO as well which is classed as an unethical way to raise your websites ranking in Google. One such way that this can be brought about is through the use of keyword stuffing. As mentioned above this can quickly rocket your site up to the top of Google for your chosen search term however over time you’ll lose this ranking.

To compensate for this, many blackhat providers will also provide social media spamming. This is a way for the spammers to utilise popular social networks in order to get a massive amount of views within a short time period. An example of this would be on Facebook whereby an attractive ‘woman’ sends out multiple friend requests to men of a certain demographic. After they accept the ‘woman’ will then post an alluring photo on her news feed usually with a caption suggesting that you click a link to see more photos. Right away this link is getting a lot of attention from two fronts.

The first would be Google since the link is appearing on a high Page Rank website which then is taken into effect with the second. The second is a massive amount of hits in a short time frame which will make the destination website seem extremely attractive in the eyes of Google and along with it being shared on Facebook, it’s ranking will rise.


Another common practice that you should avoid is using website interlinking. This is a process whereby the site owner creates many other websites at the same time and in turn links them all together. This will initially raise the rankings of the sites, but in the blackhat sense it is done using less than reputable tools and there is so much interlinking going on that it’s clear that many pages on the site are only there in an attempt to get more backlinks and thus raise the other sites ranking in Google.


Now that you’ve read about these techniques, you’ll know exactly what you should and shouldn’t do to raise your ranking in the search engines. We also offer various packages to help those that would like to raise their websites profile in Google, be it in proof reading certain pages of their website, or by assisting them in setting up the right plugins, titles, keywords and descriptions for their website pages.

We are also able to help share your page amongst the big 3 social networks listed above to really boost your presence online, as well as writing articles for you so that you’ll rocket to the top of the search engine rankings.

If you feel that you would like assistance in this, then this is something we would be able to aid you in. Simply head over to this page, fill in the contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible with a quote for the work that you’d like us to carry out for you.