what is a micro niche siteWe’ve previously discussed how to build your Micro Nice Site (MNS) as well as how you can monetize (make money off of) it. However a lot of people reading this may be wondering what exactly a MNS is.

Simply put, a MNS is a website that is tightly focused on a specific area. It could be something like a job title, or it may be a certain product. Regardless of what the niche is, one thing is true; it’s a website with around 4-5 pages with your main keyword interspersed evenly through it along with you employing similiar, related keywords to it as well. For example, the website How To Become a Hedge Fund Manager revolves around a job in the hedge fund industry. However, by looking at the other pages on that site it can be seen that the initial keyword has been expanded upon by looking at the kinds of earnings you can get as a hedge fund manager, as well as the qualifications needed to be one.


By doing this, it’s helping to increase the credibility of your website since it comprises of multiple pages as opposed to a site that only has a one or two pages attached to it. In days gone by a MNS would have just these few pages with spun content on it which was only part way readable. It would initially rank in Google for it’s chosen keyword but over time (and in part due to the Google updates) it would steadily lose its ranking and in some cases become de-indexed altogether. However, since you’re reading this just now your website will NOT fall victim to this trend. That’s because you know that instead of there being spun content on it, it will in fact create excellent content, both in terms of it’s accuracy to the subject matter as well as it’s spelling and grammar.


Moreover, a MNS aside from being a site revolving around a small niche is simply a way for people to make money online. We’ve discussed the ways to monetize your website elsewhere on the site and these are great staring points. We’ll be honest and admit that you’re not going to make a fortune overnight for your site (unless you’re really lucky). As with any business venture it will take time for you to earn money from it, but presuming that you’ll be putting hard work into it, it will be worth it economically in the long term.

A mistake that many people have made before when making their MNS is that they’ve bombarded their visitors with adverts. We would also stronlgy suggest that you don’t do this since it’s distracting to the reader, and they’re more likely to actually click off the site completely rather than clicking on an advert. When you factor in the issue that you’re writing your own content and spending a lot of time on the website, it’s actually counter productive to bombard the reader with these adverts.

Furthermore, a trend with MNS is that their domain (website URL) will be an exact match for the keyword which is otherwise known as an exact match domain, or it will be as close to an exact match as possible. The use of this is simply from a search engine point of view in that having a the URL of your website with the keyword in it is a way of creating a sense of authority with the search engine since there is in effect a double match when people search for your keyword in that it’s the title of your articles as well as the title of your website.

Now you know exactly what a micro niche site is, you can start making your own by visiting our home page. It will give you all the information you need in setting up your site and within just a few hours your site will be live on the internet. If you’ve managed to select the right keyword then it’ll be ranking high in the search engines soon.