A phrase that is routinely mentioned now in terms of ranking a website is ‘Churn and Burn’. In essense, this is a way of sending a large number of links to your site in the shortest time possible. This in itself sounds like every website owners dream. However, in some ways it a double edged sword.


When using churn and burn methods is highly likely that you’re going to rank your website on page 1 of Google (in many cases you’ll hit the top spot) within a few weeks of sending the links to your site. This is of great benefit to those that are selling high value products on their website and want to outrank people that are selling similar products. After all, if you can get a large number of people to see your product before they click on your competitors site then there’s a great chance you’re going to make a sale instead of them.


However, the biggest downfall of this kind of search engine optimization is that when Google eventually does a spam audit on your website you’re more than likely going to be penalised for this and two things will happen. 1- You could end up losing your ranking in the search engine results gradually. 2- Your site gets completely de-indexed and thus no one will be able to find it when they’re performing a search on your keywords. The end result of both though is that if people can’t see your website when they do a search, they won’t be able to visit it and then they won’t be able to purchase anything from it.


Is it worth using churn and burn methods?  The answer to this really depends on what your financial situation is in relation to your Micro Nice Site (or any site for that matter). If you’re setting up a site with the thought in mind that you’re going to use it as a way to earn a residual income over a long period of time then we’d strongly recommend using churn and burn SEO since there is the high liklihood of your site being removed within a few months.

However, if you’re targeting a certain keyword i.e. ‘mesothelioma lawyers’ and you’re making a quick website based on the disease and how to get the appropriate legal advice then churn and burn could seriously help you then churn and burn could be a great way for you to get a great return of interest (ROI) on the cost of your website hosting and domain.

As an illustration let’s do some number crunching. Supposing you did make a website on the above keyword, which currently has 1,300 searches per month. As discussed elsewhere on the site, this is a great number to have since it’s a relatively low number. However, Google Adwords also tells us that is a highly competitive keyword so it’s not going to rank on it’s own without putting some work into it. Just now, Google is stating the the average CPC (cost per click) of this search term is $288.02. Bearing in mind that this is just for the one click.

So, guessing that your page is on say position 3 of Google for the search term and out of the 1,300 monthly searches your site in turn gets 500 hits per month. Obviously, you’d never want to get a click on your advert every time someone visits since Google would think that this is highly suspicious. Rather, you’d ideally be wanting a click through rate (CTR) of 4-5%. This is simply the percentage of people that click an advert on your site when they visit it. Now, based on you getting an average of 500 visitors a month, a CTR of 5% would bag you 25 clicks in a month. By multiplying the 25 clicks by the cost of one advert at $288.02 as mentioned previously then you could expect to get an income of $7,200.50.

As you can see, by utilising churn and burn you could get a massive income in just one month. However, you also have to be prepared that the site may not last much longer than one month. Of course, with an earning of just over $7,000 in one month it’s certainly not a loss. The reason behind this is that you could then use some of the profit that you’ve made to then make, say, 10 new websites with similar earning potentials. This is a term known as ‘scaling up’. If you could emulate the same effect from the first site on an additional ten websites than you could secure an income of just under $80,000 before expenses such as the cost of the churn and burn seo as well as hosting. Although it really is a great investment.


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